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TV Sponsorship Opportunities on ITV

ITV TV Sponsorship

 Local Weather Reports

Being the inhabitants of a set of islands known for their distinctly sub-par weather, we’re understandably preoccupied with the state of the skies – forever hoping for sunshine and warmth. We enjoy putting ourselves through the daily disappointment of the weather report, which for your business could represent an opportunity to brighten your market presence considerably.

Good Morning Britain’s Local Weather reports are the perfect platform for companies seeking to engage particular regions of the country and amplify voice. Some key stats:

  3.4 million TV views a day.

 6.9 million TV viewers a week.

 12.6 million TV viewers monthly.

 Reaches 40% of the crucial housewives w/ children.

 ITV Breakfasts’s Local Weather Reports are the most popular on television, and a fixture in the daily routines of millions. Available from August 31st 2015, ITV are offering two packages of ten sponsorship credits between 06:30am and 8.30am. So If you believe your business could benefit from this great TV sponsorship opportunity, why not call us today on 0800 357 675 today to learn more?

 Summer Health

This affordable package grants businesses the opportunity to engage a sizeable audience of both adults and, more specifically, housewives with children. With two sponsorship credits scheduled to air every day Monday - Friday, this TV sponsorship package - pinned around a new television show hosted by Dr Hillary Jones - offers a high level of reach at a great price.  Dr Jones will take to the UK’s beaches between July 20th and 24th in a bid to advise sun-worshippers on how to stay safe this summer, with advice ranging from skincare to food and kids safety. So, if you're a business centred within the health and lifestyle fields, perhaps this is the platform you've been looking for.

 Summer Staycation

OK, so yes, we have already moaned about the British weather, so why would anybody plan a Staycation? Well, turns out, the UK is actually a pretty picturesque part of the world when it wants to be; combine that fact with the glorious bursts of summertime weather we’re treated to for a month or two every year, and you have yourself a great holiday. This summer ITV plans to celebrate the Great British holiday with a series of travelogues on some of the most beautiful locations featured in ITV’s favourite dramas: including Broadchurch, Doc Martin, Midsomer Murders and Emmerdale.

Meeting British families along the way, the series promises to peer into the fundamentally loving relationship between the British Isles and their populations – and best of all, your business could be the proud TV sponsor. Available from August 3rd to 14th, this package is another brilliant opportunity to associate your brand with content close to the hearts of a British TV audience.